The sawmill community of Marieberg, the only cultural heritage reserve in Kramfors

INKULT - Inclusive Cultural Heritage Sites

Cultural heritage sites offer exceptional values and qualities that should be accessible to all. However, visits to these places do not happen with the same ease for everyone. This is something that the project INKULT - Inclusive Cultural Heritage Sites wishes to change.

INKULT is funded by the Swedish governmental agency Vinnova and the project is undertaken in a partnership between Kramfors municipality, Living Cities and KMV Forum.

Making cultural heritage sites more accesible

The purpose is to use a participatory approach to make cultural heritage sites more accessible for people with cognitive and/or intellectual disabilities. We are developing and testing various tools for participation, engagement and co-creation, to be used by actors who are responsible for managing cultural heritage sites, such as municipalities, non-governmental organizations, museums, etc.

A toolbox for inclusion and accessibility

The tools and methods should be easy to use for these actors and not require non-regular resources. Tests will be performed in three locations in Sweden, together with local cultural heritage actors and user groups. Experiences and results will be synthesized in a toolbox from the project.

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