Choosing a primary school

Everyone is entitled to a place at a municipal school, but you have the right to choose.

All children living in the municipality come under a catchment area for a municipal school, which means that the child is allocated a place in preschool class and at primary school in an area as close to their home as possible.

Everyone also has the opportunity to choose a school, either a different municipal school or an independent school. The children who live in the catchment area of a municipal school always take priority there.

Changing schools

If you are thinking about changing schools for your child, you must first talk to the headteacher of the school your child attends and then to the headteacher of the school you want to move to. The headteacher of the new school will assess whether there is space for students who do not live in the natural catchment area. If you choose a different school to the one allocated, you cannot assume that the municipal authority will cover any school transport costs. To apply to change schools or submit your school preferences, use our e-service; see the link in the right-hand menu.

Preschool class

A preschool class for six-year- olds is provided at all primary schools. In this class, children are given educational preparation for school. It is not compulsory for children to attend this type of school, which can be run by the municipal authority or by private providers. The child will be allocated a place in the catchment area where the child lives.

School transport and wraparound care

If you accept the school that the municipality has allocated, you are entitled to school transport according to the municipal authority’s rules. This does not apply if you choose a different school to the one allocated or a school in another municipality or an independent school. If you choose a municipal primary school in another municipality or an independent school, the municipal authority has no obligation to provide childcare.

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