Home adaptations

Grants for home adaptations are financial support that is provided to help you improve the accessibility of your home if you have a disability. The grant aims to give people with a disability the opportunity to live as independently as possible in their own home.

Who can apply for a grant?

  • Anyone who has a disability or who lives with someone with a disability
  • Parents with joint custody of a child with a disability

Grants are paid to individuals, whether you own your own home or live in rented or tenant-owned accommodation. The property owner’s consent is required for adaptations to rented or tenant-owned accommodation. A grant can only be approved if there is a long-term or lasting need for the adaptation measures.

What can a grant be awarded for?

• Entering and leaving your home
• Moving around within your home
• Preparing and eating food
• Maintaining personal hygiene
• Sleeping and resting

Examples of measures include:

• Removing doorsteps
• Making a shower accessible
• Installing an entrance ramp
• Widening doorways

Buying or moving home?

If you move home, grants can only be awarded in special circumstances. Under the Swedish Home Adaptation Act, you are expected to choose a home that does not require extensive and expensive measures.

How to apply

You can apply using our e-service or by filling in a form. You must enclose a certificate with your application confirming that the measures are necessary based on your disability. An occupational therapist or other specialist will be able to help you with this certificate.

The municipal authority investigates, examines and decides whether or not the measures are eligible for a grant, based on the applicable rules and practice. If you are unhappy with the decision, you can appeal. Information about how to do this is provided with the decision.

Good to know!
Grants are not provided for measures in holiday homes, for ordinary property maintenance or for technical deficiencies.

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