Support at home

It is important that you feel safe in your home. We work to help you remain living in your own home and receive the help and support you need there.

There are many different kinds of support available to make everyday life easier for older people or those with a disability. Some of this support must be applied for through the municipality’s support administrators, while some can be ordered directly by private individuals over the age of 67 without means testing.

The aim of enabling you to order services yourself is to make it easier for you as a customer, as it is both simple and flexible. You also decide which services you want to order.

What support can I order myself?

  • Cleaning
  • Laundry/clothing care
  • Shopping
  • Meals on wheels
  • Home safety check

What support can I apply for?

  • Daily activity
  • Home help services
  • Meals on wheels
  • Security camera
  • Personal alarm
  • Respite care at home

Domestic services

You can engage private companies to provide certain services known as domestic services. Examples of these include help with cleaning and window cleaning. These services are ordered directly from the company and there is no involvement from the municipal authority. Tax relief is available on domestic services for half the labour costs. 

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