Home health care

On 3 February 2014, responsibility for home health care transferred from Västernorrland county council to the municipal authority.

This responsibility covers health and medical services, rehabilitation and habilitation. The responsibility applies at all times of the day and night to people of all ages who live in their own home.

What is home health care?

Home health care is when health and medical services are provided in your home.

Who can receive home health care?

You can receive home health care if, as a result of illness, disability or social situation, you are unable to attend a health centre independently or with assistance. This is always assessed by health service staff. This is called the threshold principle.

What help can you receive?

Home health care provides planned and emergency healthcare services around the clock. Depending on the kind of help you need, you will be visited by a district nurse, occupational therapist, physiotherapist or care staff. Home health care may include, for example:

  • Help with medication
  • Changing dressings
  • Taking specimens
  • Habilitation
  • Medical aids
  • End-of- life care

Do you need a doctor?

The municipality does not have its own doctors. Västernorrland county council is responsible for providing the care of a doctor under home health care. If you are receiving home health care and you need a doctor, contact your district nurse, who will be able to help.

You can also call the medical information service on 1177.

In an emergency, call 112.

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